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ISAT Offers Graduates Numerous Opportunities

As they were working on their senior capstone project in Integrated Science and Technology (ISAT), Amanda Martindale and Julianne Decker developed interests that would influence their decisions about life after college.

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PHOTO: Man in JungleJMU Professor Fills Knowledge Void About Battery-Powered Cars

January 21, 2016

Dr. Matthew Eisler, a visiting assistant professor of Integrated Science and Technology, is seeking to discover how cars powered only by batteries can change the way people drive.

PHOTO: 4-VA grant winners4-VA Grants Give Boost to Collaborative Projects

January 11, 2016

Researchers from three JMU science and technology departments have received more than $31,000 in mini-grants from 4-VA to jumpstart collaborative research projects with colleagues at other universities.

LOGO: HERTProfessor Trains First Responders and Students in Disaster Preparedness

January 6, 2016

Many hospitals aren't equipped to handle a huge flood of victims, especially when those victims have been exposed to a mass contamination event.

PHOTO: GrantISAT Grant to Benefit Local High School Students

October 26, 2015

The value of an education may be priceless, yet for many public school science programs, costs seem to be a major obstacle in exposing students to a sound, scientific education.


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