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Alternative Fuels Vehicle Lab

About Us

The Alternative Fuel Vehicle lab (AFV) is a joint effort between faculty members in the Department of Integrated Science and Technology and in Engineering, and Facilities Management, which handles transportation at the university.  The AFV has worked with a variety of alternative fuels, from biodiesel and ethanol to electricity to propane and other approaches like making super-mileage vehicles.  We do not promote any particular alternative fuel, but we believe that it is important to explore a range of alternative fuels that offer the promise of cleaner and more sustainable transportation.  The AFV is open to all JMU students who are willing to commit to working on a project and who pass mandatory safety training.


The Alternative Fuel Vehicle lab aims to help lead JMU, the Commonwealth, and the US in educating students and citizens about the challenges, opportunities, and options for cleaner, more sustainable, and more efficient transportation systems.


The JMU AFV Lab is dedicated to sharing the opportunities, challenges, and vision of alternative fuels with JMU students. The AFV seeks to explore current technologies and implement them in practical and useful ways, while educating our students.


General Contact Information

1595 S. Main St
MSC 5401
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
(540) 568-3329


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