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During their senior year, students choose a concentration from one of their three junior-year sectors. Concentrations consist of 4 senior-level classes.

  • A concentration consists of 12 credits of course work
  •  Most concentration course work is offered in the ISAT Department, but some courses are drawn from other departments in the College and the University
  •  Students may substitute courses in a concentration in consultation with their advisors
  • Four courses are required to complete a single concentration
  • Double concentrations can also be done and usually require seven courses
  • Courses taken to fulfill sector requirements cannot be used to fulfill concentration requirements
  • Students have the option to create their own tailored concentration by putting together any four senior-level ISAT courses with approval from a faculty advisor and the Program Director
  • Students must complete a Declaration of Concentration form (available from Paul Henriksen or the Registrar’s office.)



Choose two courses from the following:

Information and Knowledge Management (IKM)


*Choose one other course, with approval of the IKM concentration advisor.

Engineering and Manufacturing


Choose two courses from the following:

A student may choose a combination of one course from the above and one of the following:

*The Engineering and Manufacturing concentration advisor may also approve other courses to count at the fourth concentration class.

Applied Biotechnology

Choose four courses from the following:

*Some biology courses are possible, if approved by the Applied Biotechnology concentration advisor.


Choose four courses from the following:

*Students may choose an alternative fourth course with the permission of the Environment concentration advisor.



Choose one of the following:

Or students may choose or any class approved by the Telecommunications concentration advisor.


Social Context of Technology and Science

If you are interested in Social Context of Technology and Science, it must be combined with another concentration.


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