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Sectors (topic areas)

Learn the fundamentals of all of these sectors during the first and second year.  Then choose a subset of sectors for more in-depth, focused study during the third and fourth years.

Applied Biotechnology
Study the application of biological systems in new technologies such as medical biotechnology, biofuels, biodefense, and biomanufacturing.

Learn the technical, policy, and business aspects of energy demand, supply, and
end-uses for both traditional and alternative forms of energy.

Engineering and Manufacturing
Integrate design, production, people, parts, processes, and information in manufacturing systems.

Discover the interactions between humans and environmental systems within natural and industrial applications.

Information and Knowledge Management
Deconstruct and solve problems using systems analysis and design, modeling and simulation, databases, knowledge-based systems, and website design.

Secure wireless networks; integrate data, voice, video and mobile networks; and manage networks for quality and reliability in a socially responsible way.

Custom Concentrations
Work with your advisor to create your own concentration to address your unique interests.


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